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Importing Documents into Meridian with Accuracy

Jennifer Sample

Accurate metadata is paramount to a successful Meridian implementation. Careful consideration was taken during configuration to determine what metadata was essential to your organization. So why wouldn't you want to ensure that the correct metadata is applied to every document when importing multiple documents? When you use our IntelliWizards and IntelliPort, metadata accuracy is easier than ever.

IntelliWizards have a built-in feature that will allow you to populate the properties of similar documents into the Wizard. * This method is available for all document types in the vault.*

1. When importing a file, highlight the document (already in Meridian) that has similar properties:


2. When the Wizard appears, select “Current Selection” at the top:

The Wizard will then be populated with that file's metadata, allowing you to modify what is needed, which is very helpful when adding a few documents with similar metadata at a time.

If you need to upload many documents for the same project, IntelliPort should be used in conjunction with IntelliWizards.  This smart spreadsheet and program allow for easy bulk upload with data validation.  To see it in action, please join us on September 21st for a live webinar.