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Autodesk® Vault 2014 Update

Hagerman & Company

Along with updates to its line of CAD and visualization products, Autodesk has also released 2014 updates and changes for its Vault line of data management tools.

Some of the high level product line changes include:

-A consolidation of the Vault product line resulting in the elimination of Vault Collaboration and Vault Collaboration AEC. Current owners of these products will be automatically upgraded to Vault Professional (whose price has been reduced as part of the overall consolidation).

-Support Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012

-Support for Autodesk Plant 3D

-Full 64-bit Autodesk Vault client for much improved performance on resource intensive operations such as large check outs, Copy Design, etc.

Major new features and capabilities of Vault include:

-Place from Vault now supports the placement of Inventor iFeatures

-Users can select and configure additional properties such as revision, material, lifecycle state, etc. to display alongside the filenames in the Vault browser in Inventor

-Inventor users can now perform a “change state” on locally modified files without first having to do a “refresh from Vault”.

-The Get/Checkout dialog has been redesigned in order to improve ease of use and efficiency. In addition, these operations will function approximately 2X faster on 64-bit computers than previously.

-In order to improve file browsing/previewing, the Preview tab now first displays a thumbnail image of each file. A mouse click will then bring up the full DWF preview as before.

-In addition, the Preview tab now supports Windows-style “carousel” access viewing access to older versions/revisions of the selected file

Important background technical information on Vault 2014 includes:

-Autodesk Vault 2014 servers are compatible with Vault 2012 and 2013 clients and application add-in’s. However for best reliability and performance, Hagerman & Company does recommend using 2104 versions of Autodesk CAD software and Vault clients with Vault 2014 servers.

-Vault 2014 clients will co-exist side-by-side with Vault 2012 and 2014 clients on the same computer.

-Vault 2012 and 2013 servers/databases can be directly upgraded/migrated to Vault 2014. Earlier versions of Vault will need to first be upgraded to Vault 2012 or 2013 before being upgraded to Vault 2014.

Most importantly, we recommend that any customers please contact us first before deploying any Vault client or server upgrades. We can review your current configuration and point out necessary or recommended steps to take before proceeding with the upgrade. In many or most cases, you may wish to have one of our experienced Vault specialists work with you on site or remotely to help perform the Vault upgrade and deployment in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you have questions or want further information on Vault 2014, don’t hesitate to contact your local Hagerman representative.

Submitted by Matt Lane, Director of Consulting Services, Hagerman & Company, Inc.