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Update on Cloud-Based Data Management

Matt Lane

A couple of years ago, I wrote a Hagerman blog article on cloud-based data management.  Since that time, a number of things have changed and new advancements and options have become available.

Some of the new and updated features are as follows:

  • More Hagerman customers have chosen to deploy their Autodesk Vault, Meridian or Synergis Adept servers in Amazon data centers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Microsoft Azure would work as well for this purpose.  In conjunction with this, Vault, Meridian and Adept all offer multi-site replication or site caching for fast local access to large CAD files at all company sites. In this type of environment above, the customer in conjunction with Hagerman staff still installs, configure, updates, etc. the data management server software.
  • For a true SaaS option, “Meridian Cloud”, which is a Meridian environment that eliminates the need for installing and updating versions of the software, has been released.  All of this is handled by Accruent staff with the server and software housed in a Microsoft Azure data center and environment.  Although the functionality and configurability of Meridian Cloud does not match that of the on-premise Meridian Server, the customer still has ability to do some configuration of their Meridian Cloud environment.
  • In addition, Accruent has greatly updated and enhanced their Meridian Portal product which is also a SaaS-based cloud platform and is designed for secure project collaboration with outside parties such as engineering firms, contractors, etc. on large engineering and construction projects.  If you are not a customer already, Meridian Portal can be used in a standalone environment utilizing files stored in Windows or any data management system.  If you already own Meridian, Portal offers bi-directional synchronization with that on-premise platform.
  • With Vault 2018.1, Autodesk has added a “Shared View” functionality for providing secure view and markup access to outside parties so that they can provide needed feedback on work-in-process designs in Vault.
  • With Vault 2018.2, Autodesk added integration with Autodesk Drive so that Vault subscribers can securely share any type of design data with external collaborators. Because the service is CAD aware, file references like xrefs, parts included in an assembly, etc. are uploaded automatically so your collaborators get the full model. When they receive a link to a dataset or invited to a folder, your collaborators can easily view models and drawings in their browser and download what they need.
  • In addition to the above, Hagerman & Company also offers BIM 360 Docs for controlled sharing of AEC project information across the entire team including AEC firms, owners, contractors and on site personnel.

For more information, please contact your local Hagerman & Company representative.

We look forward to hearing from you!