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Dynamic 3D Solutions successfully completes challenging construction project with Hagerman support and Autodesk software

Hagerman & Company


Dynamic 3D Solutions is a full-service design firm specializing in industrial plant design, 3D laser scanning, and 3D modeling services. They had a client in need of help on a large construction project, which involved installing a new storage tank and piping system to optimize maintenance access to the tank. The project had a tight schedule during a critical plant shutdown period leaving no room for error. The delivery had to be accurate and efficient.


Since the construction project was scheduled to take place during a plant shutdown with other projects occurring simultaneously, meticulous planning and execution were vital. Dynamic 3D Solutions had to illustrate a compelling plan to the client and needed software and support to best accomplish this.


Longtime Autodesk product users, Dynamic 3D Solutions, implemented AutoCAD Plant 3D for the design work and ReCap Pro to create .rcp and .rcs files utilized in both Plant 3D and Navisworks. They relied on Hagerman support to help create a convincing animation in Navisworks that illustrated the new tank's precise lifting and placement. Without the animation, they would have had to rely on complex plan and elevation dimensioned views to demonstrate the method.


The client project involved the demo of a containment wall surrounding the tank, including removing pipes above the tank for clearance, effectively shutting down part of the facility. Hagerman's support helped Dynamic 3D Solutions create an animation in Navisworks to show that the wall could be cleared by a few inches, missing the pipe. The lift and placement went as planned, with inches to spare. The plant continued operations, and the containment wall was
preserved, saving time and money.


After years of using Plant 3D and Navisworks to save time on modeling, Dynamic 3D Solutions was excited to add animations to their design and planning process, and Hagerman was pleased to partner with this long-time customer.

“This is not the only time in the past 20 years that I have called on the expert Technical Support staff at Hagerman for help. They have proven time and time again to be an invaluable resource
and a huge impact on our success."
- James Cope, Managing Partner, Dynamic 3D Solutions


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