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Introducing Hagerman & Company “Connection” Product Line

Hagerman & Company

At Hagerman & Company, we are pleased to announce the formal introduction of our “Connection” line of software products.

While some of these products have been available in some form in the past, we are announcing the following changes and additions:

  • A formal branding of our products under the “Connection” name
  • Two additional new products in Lifecycle Connection and Project Connection
  • Plans for additional new products in both CAD and data management in the near future

All of our current products work in conjunction with Autodesk Vault while others are compatible with BlueCielo Meridian and Windows Explorer as well.

Currently, our products are focused largely around Vault as Autodesk Vault is the leading data management tool for managing Autodesk CAD files and one of the finest data management tools of any kind on the market today. However, even with Vault’s outstanding functionality, some users find gaps and areas needing improvement. Based on our experience with over (400) customer Vault projects, we have introduced our “Connection” products for Vault including:

QVP ConnectionQVP Connection for easy, inexpensive forms-based search-view-print access for non-CAD users. QVP works with all levels of Vault (along with BlueCielo Meridian) and offers many ease of use and configuration features not available in the Vault Pro web client.

Lifecycle ConnectionLifecycle Connection works only with the Vault product line and adds fully customizable e-mail notification capabilities in conjunction with Vault Workgroup and Pro lifecycle definitions (workflows).

AutoPLOT ConnectionAutoPlot Connection for advanced batch printing, plotting and publishing capabilities for all levels of Vault, BlueCielo Meridian and Windows Explorer. AutoPlot is fully customizable and offers ERP integration.

Project ConnectionProject Connection is compatible with Vault Workgroup and Pro and is designed primarily for utilities and process-oriented manufacturers such as steel, chemicals, food, pharma, etc. Project Connection enables the separation of project copies from their as-built/master files, supports concurrent engineering processes and better enables collaboration with outside engineering firms and contractors.

For more information on any of these products, please contact your local Hagerman sales representative.

Also, please stay tuned for future additions to our product line that will address customer needs in both data management and CAD!

Submitted by Matt Lane, Director of Consulting Services, Hagerman & Company, Inc.