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Meridian: Save Time with Saved Searches and Collections

Jennifer Sample

Secure document storage, great. Revision history and comparison, wonderful. Workflow capabilities for approval processes, awesome. But perhaps the most powerful feature of Meridian is often overlooked: searches! If you find yourself performing the same search repeatedly, a saved search or collection is a game-changer.

The Search tools in Meridian (Power Web shown below) offer a way to find your documents using all your metadata. It allows the user(s) to select and refine the what, where, properties, document types, etc., criteria for searches.

  • Search across an entire vault or specific folders.
  • Includes ALL metadata properties and the flexibility to use a variety of conditions such as contains, equals, less than, more than, starts with, etc., for each property selected.
  • The option to search only certain Document Types.
  • Find all referenced files.

Join us online on December 9th to see the power of searches in action. Searching using Power User, Power Web, and Explorer will be shown.