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Revamping Tennsco's Product Imaging: A Rendering Success

Hagerman & Company

For over 50 years Tennsco has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel storage solutions such as filing systems, shelving and lockers. Tennsco offers a massive product line featuring thousands of items and the task of cataloging each piece is significant. Photographing every item from various angles and in multiple color choices became both time and cost-prohibitive. Tennsco needed a solution to quickly generate fully rendered images of each product from multiple camera angles.

Hagerman & Company offered to build a custom material library, environment template and user interface for Tennsco, followed by customized training for Tennsco employees. After just one day of training, users who had no previous CAD experience were easily producing fully rendered CAD models in Autodesk®3ds Max Design. Sales and marketing executives can now independently produce photorealistic product renderings for use in online and hard copy marketing materials and sales communications.

The Rapid Render workflow was extremely cost effective in terms of real dollars spent and time saved. A CAD user would typically need three days of customized training to learn this technique. In one day, the “Rapid Render” workflow can be taught to employees who have never previously used CAD software.

“I really liked that Hagerman & Company was able to help us build our library of materials, and then use that library to train us on how to make images. It was a seamless, easy process,” said Tennsco’s Director of Marketing, Rachel Bradley.

“I would recommend Hagerman & Company based on their professionalism and deep knowledge of the product offerings. They were able to pinpoint our needs, and train us on exactly how to best utilize the software, which was a money saver for our company.”

Rachel Bradley
Director of Marketing
“Hagerman & Company was able to help us build our library of materials, and then use that library to help train us on how to make images. It was a seamless, easy process.”

For more than 50 years, Tennsco has worked tirelessly to polish its reputation as an industry leader in storage and filing solutions. As a family-owned business, Tennsco has a special heritage and takes great pride in manufacturing reliable, durable products at seven manufacturing facilities on its 1.5 million square foot campus in Dickson, TN.

The Rapid Render workflow solution is a new addition to the Hagerman & Company services portfolio. To learn more about Rapid Render, contact your Hagerman account representative today.

A sampling of Tennsco renderings. A sampling of Tennsco renderings.