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How to Disable Add-ons for Revit

Alice Craig

In Autodesk Revit®, if you are receiving Fatal, Unrecoverable, or Serious errors, it may be an issue with add-ons.

Note: If working with cloud models, see the "Cloud Models" section before modifying add-ons!

Third-Party utility for disabling add-ons.

  • Stantec Add-In Manager (Free - Open Source):
  1. Download from Bitbucket here.
  2. Unzip download.
  3. Browse to the extracted ...BIN\Debug folder.
  4. Open the AddInManager.exe.
  5. Use the “Enable/Disable” button to enable or disable the selected add-ins.

Manually disable add-ons

  1. Close Revit.
  2. Locate the following folder:
    • C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\[Version]
  3. Temporarily move the add-on files from the folder to another location.
  4. Start Revit. Add-ons will be disabled.

Alternate locations that add-ons could be loaded from:

Add-ons that load into multiple products/versions:

  • C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins.

Add-ons loaded for only one user (less common):

  • C:\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\[Version]
  • C:\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins

Cloud Models

If working with models stored on the cloud (BIM 360 Document Management or Autodesk Docs), keep the following Revit cloud components in the add-ons folder (while removing the others):

  • Autodesk.Collaborate.addin
  • ExportViewSelectorApp.addin
  • ExportViewSelectorAddin (Folder)

Troubleshooting add-ons

See the following article for information on Checking if add-ons are causing unexpected behavior in Revit.

Uninstall add-ons

If there are add-ons loaded that you want to uninstall (not disable), the following Microsoft article has information on different options to do this: Uninstall or remove apps and programs in Windows 10