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Accruent Releases Meridian 2021!

Jeremy Clay

Partnering with Accruent, we are excited to share that the Meridian 2021 release is now available! We want to highlight some of the significant improvements in the 2021 release of the Meridian Server client with you. The list below will summarize these recent enhancements and how they can significantly improve document management for your facilities.

  • Project Waiting List – Allowing multiple project documents to be assigned while prioritizing the documents on the "Waiting List" dramatically reduces the risk involved with concurrent engineering projects.
  • HotSpot “v2” - Integrated display of metadata assigned within CAD blocks or attributes can now be viewed directly within the PDFTron viewer, saving time and enhancing the effective use of block/attribute synchronization and visibility. HotSpots can also be manually assigned on a document rendition by a user for future use.
  • Layer Translation – Group & update colors of the drawing layers to reduce complexity and improve functionality for typical users that do not need such granular layer specifications.
  • Sites / User Management & Configuration Delegation – User Management & local reporting can be managed at a site-specific level allowing for more local control at the site level.
  • “Aspose” based Rendering Engine – The newly included rendering engine with the Meridian software will allow for rendering of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Visio documents without the need for installation of the Microsoft office software. This engine also supports image files and HTML formats.
  • Other Significant Improvements – Additional improvements to the 2021 release of the Meridian Server application.
    • Print Stamp positioning – Improved control and function of the document print stamp features.
    • Meridian Portal Improvements – Improvements with the integration of the Portal module
    • Printing Improvements – print current view in PDFTron or leverage the zero-install batch printing from the Explorer client.