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Increase Efficiency with Project Explorer in Civil 3D

Scott Hacker

Many of you may not know about this “one-stop” design shop that became available on August 17th, 2020. Project Explorer is an extension to Civil 3D that provides designers/users with an easier way to navigate, visualize and interact with design models.

Project Explorer can allow you to:

  • Double click on a highlighted parameter to edit your design
  • Review Civil 3D design through a group of tabs with object and parameter lists, as well as profile and section views
  • Create custom reports and tables
  • Customize the interface to suit each individual user’s needs

A brief overview can be seen in the video below.


Project Explorer requires a separate install

  1. Navigate to your Autodesk Account
  2. Find the installer for Civil 3D – Project Explorer (requires an administrator to assign the product to users, before accessing)
  3. Download and install
  4. Open Civil 3D
  5. Click on the Add-ins tab on the Ribbon
  6. Launch Project Explorer

NOTE: The version listed on the accounts page states 2021 only. The extension will work on both Civil 3D 2020 and 2021.