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Category Assignment Improvements

Mike Space

For those using categories and assignment rules in Vault, you may have found yourself attempting to find a more detailed way of utilizing the assignment rules.  You can always utilize the file extension for assigning categories, but what if files with the same extension can exist in different categories?  You could always search on another file property, but very often they don’t exist yet and going through the process of assigning them is often more work than assigning the categories.

Vault 2020.2 update provides a new “Folder Path” property.  This property can be used in category rules to do category assignment based on a file location in the Vault.

This new property displays/stores the location of the file within the Vault.


If your folders are structured in such a way that permissions/security and or categories are determined by location in the vault, this can now be used to aid in automatic assignment.

As an example, take a look at the following rules:


The criteria for “Prototype” are:


The criteria for “Engineering” are:


Because the “Prototype” rule is analyzed first, any IPT file that does not exist within a “Prototype” folder will automatically be assigned to the “Engineering” category.  This now allows for the automatic assignment based on where your designers are creating new parts.  There is no need to go into Vault after checking in a new file and assigning it by hand.  This can be expanded upon to include many different file types and many different folders and in any combination.

To see if this can help your organization, talk to your Hagerman representative and start assigning.