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Maintenance to Subscription Switch

Posted by Taylor Colclasure on Sep 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Autodesk Account Management

The first big change is the REQUIREMENT of assigning single-user seats.

The contract manager needs to log on to their Autodesk account and add/assign users:

After being assigned the product, the end users should receive an email from Autodesk letting them know their access has changed.

They should log on to their own Autodesk accounts with the email used by the Contract Manager to add them.

This finalizes any new accounts and allows the user to confirm that they have access to the desired product. 

This is the error shown if a user without access is signed in:


When to Make the Switch

You are entitled to continue using your perpetual software until you begin utilizing your subscription products.

At that point, you will need to be working toward making the switch on everyone’s machine ASAP to avoid using a mixture of Perpetual and Term products.

The products will become available to assign and download the day after your perpetual contract expires.

Previous Versions

When you switch, you’ll need to make sure your single-user previous versions are using your Term License as well.

To allow a previous version to activate, expand that product in the Collection and click on Get Serial Number next to the desired version.

Then, update the serial number in the software or reinstall using the Collection.  (Explained in the next section)


Making the Switch

The process for switching to subscription depends on the product.

Single User – Same Product

If the product name stays the same (for example, Maintenance AutoCAD 2018 switches to Subscription AutoCAD 2018):  Open the software > click the drop down arrow next to the Help question mark > Click About Product Name > Click Manage License > Click Update > Enter new serial number


Single User – Different Product

If the name of the product changes (for example Maintenance Product Design Suite switches to Subscription Product Design & Manufacturing Collection) then there are additional steps involved:

  • Uninstall the Suite – Start Menu > Autodesk folder > Uninstall Tool (faster than uninstalling each program from the Control Panel)
  • Download the programs individually from the Collection in their Autodesk Account:  https://manage.autodesk.com (There is no longer one large installer that includes all programs like the Suites had.)
*** Notes about single-user seats
  • Some perpetual users had one standalone seat installed on a machine used by multiple people.With the subscription model, the same machine would be best suited for a multi-user license.  Single user seats must be assigned to individuals and therefore need to equal the total number of users.
  • Subscription still allows 2 installations per seat, so each assigned user can install on a work computer and home/travel computer.

Multi-User Seats

For the switch, the only thing that needs to change with multi-user seats is a new license file on the server, which we can provide.

No action on the end users’ machines is required.  NO RE-INSTALLATION

The new license file will include the new serial numbers and expiration dates.

Why it works?

Multi-user (networked) seats look for any Package in the license file that includes the target program, regardless of how it was originally installed.  This is called cascading.

For example: The end user launches AutoCAD 2018 (multi-user).  The license manager (LMTools) on the server first looks for a seat of AutoCAD 2018 to check out.  If none are available, it will look for other products in the license file that include AutoCAD, such as a Suite or Collection.

If a Package  is found with an available seat, AutoCAD will open.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding this process.

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