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Converting a Revit Cloud Model to a Workshared Model

Alice Craig

Revit® cloud models save non-workshared models to Autodesk® Docs and BIM 360® Docs.

After a non-workshared Revit cloud model is created, additional team members join the project, and the model needs to be converted to a workshared Revit model in the cloud.

The steps to do this are quite simple:


  1. Open the non-workshared cloud model you want to convert.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel  (Worksets).
  3. In the Enable Worksharing dialog, click each checkbox to confirm your understanding of the process, including user entitlements for working on the model, revert rules, and save method.


Note: Once the model is converted to a workshared model, project members will need BIM Collaborate Pro. Those working on the model that may only have Autodesk Docs will no longer be able to access the cloud model.

  1. Click Enable. Revit displays the status of the conversion process.
  2. Click OK to close the Worksets dialog.

Note: All linked model relationships are maintained when converted to a workshared cloud model.