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How to check the status of Autodesk Cloud Services

Tad Whitchurch

Many are utilizing Autodesk cloud-based software where uptime is critical. Autodesk has provided a means to check the status of these services through an easy-to-understand web page. The following was posted by Autodesk support:

Issue: You would like to view the current status and/or the upcoming maintenance schedule for an Autodesk Cloud Services or product, like for example:

  • Revit Cloud Worksharing / Cloud Models
  • Fusion Team / BIM Team
  • AutoCAD Web
  • BIM 360
  • Cloud Rendering
  • Configurator 360
  • Forge
  • Fusion 360

Solution: Check the Autodesk Health Dashboard for the status of Autodesk Cloud Services:


Status: Review the status of each service or product to see if there are any issues.



Details: The next known maintenance window will be listed in Details, as well as more info on the status.

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